Direct Marketing

In addition to live auction sales, Aberdeen and Northern Marts is in a position to offer a direct farm-to-farm marketing service anywhere in the country. Our online livestock auctions offer producers the advantages of the auction mechanism coupled with direct consignment from seller to buyer.

These services are of particular benefit to producers who are remote from any of our live auction centres and are particularly appropriate for those interested in organic stock.

If you are interested in our direct marketing service to abattoirs, please contact Fiona Davidson.

Alternatively, please contact any Aberdeen and Northern Marts' auctioneer or fieldsman at Thainstone, Elgin or Caithness.

Prime Stock Marketing - Cattle & Sheep

Aberdeen and Northern Marts offers a range of outlets for all classes of primestock. Our experienced team of auctioneers and fieldsmen can assist with the selection and marketing of your stock to advantage.

We are in a position to offer producers the opportunity of marketing their prime cattle and sheep by live auction at our weekly sales or direct to abattoirs using our direct marketing service.

Key Contacts

Fiona Davidson, Deadweight Marketing
Name: Fiona Davidson
Title: Deadweight Marketing
Tel: 01467 623715
Mobile: 07849 011964