Store & Breeding Cattle, Prime Stock, Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes & Rams

Monday 10th February 2020
Store Cattle, Prime Stock, Breeding Stock, Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes & Rams

Present Entries

Store Cattle- 

45 Granton Mains; 40 West Clyth; 35 Bardnaclavan; 25 Lythemore; 20 Bylbster; 16 Wester; 15 Carsgoe, Ha Bowermadden 14 Balmore(Bannerman) 12 Ackergill Mains, Clatequoy, Lower Thura, Tongside.

Store Lambs-
136Chv (Off Stroma) Westerloch; 62 Roadside; 60 Lower Reiss; 40Suf Hoy; 30 Backlass, Curlew. 

Breeding Cattle
Dispersal - D G Mackay, Achaguie, Halkirk
8 Cross Cows- Regular Ages
PD'd incalf to Cha Bull, Due March Onwards

Breeding Ewes
Dispersal - D Bremner, Raggra, Thrumster
35Chv Ewes, Scanned in-lamb.  
Been with Cheviot Ram since 15th November.

Fodder- Intending Purchasers please inspect.
450 Bales of Hay. 4x4, Stored Inside. Can Load/Deliver at Larel, Halkirk. 

200 Bales of Hay, Stored Inside. 8 Clayock, Halkirk

120 Bales Hay, 4x4, Stored Inside, Can Load Alywin, Gersa

150 Bales Hay. 4x4 Store Inside Can Load, at Tannach or Clachan

180 Bales Spring Barley Straw, Stored Inside, 4x4 Remove by End of February. Hillhead, Dunnet.
40 Bales Spring Barley Straw, Stored Outside, 4x4 Remove by End of February, Hillhead, Dunnet 

70 4x4 Bales of Silage Kirkfield, Castletown

100 4x4 Bales of Silage, Can Load, Oldhall

40 4x4 Bale of Haylage, Wrapped, Leen, South Keiss



Catalogue Sale Report