Store & Breeding Cattle


Monday 11th March 2019 at 10am
Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Store Cattle Entries Inc: 200 Stainland & Sibmister Farms; 55 Bardnaclavan; 45 Greenvale; Quarryside; 40 Glengolly; 30 Barrock Mains; 25 Achalone; 20 Quoynee; Myrelandhorn; Durran Mains (Shox/Sim Hfrs Suitable for Breeding).

Breeding Cattle Entries: Reduction Sale from R J McCarthy, Paremoremo, Bower- 3 Pedigree AA Hfrs Due End July; 4 Pedigree AA Yearling Hfrs(Suitable for breeding); 3 Shorthorn Hfrs Due End of May/June (Been Outwintered); 1 SalerX Cow (3rd Calf) Due end of April. All incalf to Aberdeen Angus Bull Isauld Everlast.

Fodder: 30 Bales of Silage, 1st Crop, 2nd Cut. At Banklodge, Watten
35 Bales of Silage at West Catchery, Can Load but no Artics

Entries Close Wednesday 6th March 12noon.


Catalogue Sale Report