Show & Sale of Aberdeen Angus Store Cattle and Sale of Shorthorn and Native Breed Cattle


Tuesday 2nd April 2019
Show and Sale of 800 Aberdeen Angus Store Cattle 

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Inc: 150 Ex Orkney (25 Braebuster, 20  Burness, Elsness, Netherton , Suquoy),  60 North Rettanach, 50 Kirkside Banff, 46 Whiteley, 40 Eastfield Ballater, 35S Elsick Est, 26 Chapelton, 25 Tillenturk, 22 Conage,  20 Backhill Thornton, Fridayhill, Mains Inverugie, Mill of Saphock, Soutra, Torries, West Cullerley and Wester Arr.


Show 8.30am - Sale 10.00am
Followed by Sale of 100 Shorthorn and Native Breed Store Cattle

Inc:  50 Ex Orkney (23 Elsness), 20 Bankhead Clatt.