Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle including Show & Sale of Store Cattle and Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep


Friday 29th March
Show and Sale of Store Cattle

Weekly Sales of Store Cattle, Young Bulls and Young Calves
Ewes with Lambs, Grit Ewes,
Store Lambs and Sale of Fodder

Present entries inc :  70 Heads Auchinderran, 50H Meikle Camaloun, 50 Scrabster Mains, 40H Mormond Prop, 40 Ex Shetland, (25 Ringesta),  35 Bendauch (inc LimX hfrs suitable for breeding),  Cushnie, 30 Newmill Cairness, 25 Soutra, 20 Fordmouth.


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Entries close Wednesday at 12noon.