Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle including Show & Sale of Store Cattle and Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep


Friday 29th March 2019
Show and Sale of Store Cattle, Sale of 5 Young Calves, 15 Young Bulls and Sale of 250 Store Cattle

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Ring No 1
Show - 8.30am
Sale - 10.00am
Presentation of Trophies and Sale of Trophy Winning Animals - 11.30am


Inc: Stores -  50 Scrabster House, 40 Ex Orkney (Gorn, How, Netherton and Quoymorhouse), 35 (inc Hfrs suitable for breeding)  Bendauch, 30S Deerhillock, 26S Bodachra.

Ring No 2
Sale of 1,300 Store Cattle at 10.00am


Inc: 220 Ex Orkney (32 Dale, 30 Ferness, Maesquoy, 25 Burness, Hindatoon, Howan, Lower Hobbister,  Ness, Quoybelloch, 20 Kierfiold, New Moan), 100 Cairntack, Pittenkerrie, 90 Newton Budgate, 60 Heads Auchinderran, Overton Fetternear, 50H Meikle Camaloun, 40H Mormond Prop, 40 Greencraig, 35 Cushnie, 30 Westfield Forglen,  25 Burnsdie Idoch, Doonby, 1 Farrochie Gardens, Garline, Mill Kintocher, Newmill Cairness, Soutra, Welton Cruechies   24H Daleigh, 20 Ballinloan,  Bankhead Clatt, Castle Grant HF, Fordmouth, Little Clinterty, Mains Auchriachan.


Ring No 3
Sale of 60 Ewes and Lambs at Foot and 600 Store Lambs at 10.30am