Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle including Sale of BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated Bulling Heifers and Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep


 Tomorrow Friday 10.00am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :
Sale of 250 Store Cattle followed by Sale of 100 BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated Bulling Heifers


Store Cattle inc: 30 Mains Dellavaird, 20H Baillie, 20 Braemorlich, North Fornet, Pittenkerrie, Stonyford, 20H (SimX) Johnes Monitored and Rispovac Vacc  Drumneachie, (‘Stock’ ShoX/Sim) Haughton Glenkindie, SimX/SalX Scatster Shetland.
BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated Heifers - 38 (BRBX/LimX/SimX) Johnes Negative Nov ’18, Pelvic Measured Kindrought,  20 (SimX) Mains Hatton, 14 (SimX) Cuttlehill.

10.00am  :  Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 25 Young Bulls and 1,000 Store Cattle


Store Cattle inc:  150 Ex Orkney (32 Nearhouse, 22 Mucklehouse, Lower Stanger, 20 Balfour, 20 Sebay View, Braebuster, 20 Backakelday, Dale),  60S North Crannoch, 60 East Lediken,  50 Auchterytre, (ChaX) Nether Balfour, 45 (AA) South Balkeith, 40 Barrogill Mains, 30 Cairntack, Milton Culloden, Lost Strathdon, Tomnavoulin, 25 Nether Aden, 24 (AA) Deecastle, 20S Cairnbeathie, 20 Bardnaheigh, Gowanwell, Netherton Aberlor, Newbigging, Towieturner, Wester Clune.


10.30am  :  Sale Ring No 3  :
Sale of 70 Grit Hoggets
 850 Store Lambs


Comprising and in sale order :  Grit Hgts - 70 TexX Hgts scanned due end March, Auchtygall Peterhead (Pictures on website)  followed by Store Lambs.

11.30  :  Concourse  :  Sale of Fodder
Entries of Straw, Hay, Haylage,
Silage, Fodder Beet and  Turnips