Displenish Sale at Moss-Side, Cuminestown


On Saturday 20th October at 10.30 am
At Moss-side, Cuminestown, Turriff. AB53 7YL

(Instructed by Messrs R Ironside)

Claas Ares 657 ATZ AY06 DKA (7000 hrs), Claas Celtis 456RX with Loader SV05 DV (5300 hrs), MF 660 Industrial Loader N438 LSE, Opico 580S 12T Gas Dryer, NH 640 Baler (1500 Bales), Marshall 8T Trailer c/w Silage Sides, Fraser 5T Trailer c/w Silage Sides, KV4 Fur Reversible Plough, Bale Trailer, Major Grass Topper, IW Stock Trailer, Balmett Rollers, Grays Heavy Grass Roller, 8ft Land Leveller, MF Discs, Lely Compact 165 12mtr Sprayer, Grays Pushoff Buckrake, PZ Hay Turner, Kuhn Manure Spreader, Harrows, Small Snow Plough, MF Rodgers, Single Fur Plough, Webb Turnip Seeder, Scarifier, Bamford Wuffler, Kuhn Silage Cutter, Marshall Muckspreader, Fraser Bruiser (single phase), 20ft Grain Auger, 2 sets of row crop wheels, 2 x broadcast boxes, Shipping Container 20ft (good condition), 500 Ltr Diesel Tank, 1500 Ltr Fuel Station, Murray Toetip Grain Bucket, Sheep Transport Box, Muck Graip for MF660, Earth Bucket for MF660, Workbench, Fencing Wire, Cast Iron Baths, Sleepers, Cattle Barriers, Small Earth Bucket, Crash Barriers, 2 sets of Box Profile Metal Doors, H-Beams Selection, 2 x 1T Hoppers, 4 x IBM Tanks, 1500 Ltr Tank, Selection Cattle Troughs, Large Selection of Metal and Wooden Sheep Troughs, Sheep Hay Hakes, 2 x Sheep Feed Rings, Kinbroom Cattle Feeder, Small Cattle Feeder, 2 x Lamb Creep Feeders, Unistock Cattle Crush (Excellent condition), Large Selection of Gates, Cattle Race, Cattle Crush, 12ft Half Door, Cattle Handling Gates, Heavy Duty Smiddy made Cattle Gates, Sheep Gates, Large Selection of Sheep Hurdles, Sheep Handling Gates, Shedding Gate and Guillotine Gate, Sheep Race c/w Shedding Gate, 2 x Sheep Adopters, Lamb Worming Box, Cattle and Sheep Water Troughs, Sheep Liquid Feeders, Double Wheeled Barrow, 2 x Large Red Gas Tanks. Small Selection of Hand Tools.

Auctioneer: Colin Slessor 07808 182108
Catering: G Whyte
Terms: Payment on Day of Sale