Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Tomorrow Friday 10.00 am  :  Sale Ring No 1 :
10 Young and Weaned Calves, 5 Young Bulls
Sale of 650  Store Cattle,
Followed by Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Comprising 450 Over 500kg and 200 Under 400kg
Entries inc: 70 Ex Orkney (32 Karinya, 23 Eastabist, Grutha), 52 Westfield, 44  Woodhead Cairnbanno, 35S Broomhill Bridge Muchalls, 30 Cairntack, Pittenkerrie, The Orchard (SB), 25 Auchnarrow, Croft Na Creich (SB), 24 Auchterblair, 20 Birks, Denhead Muiresk, Dinnet Farms, Haugh, Kirkhill, Waterside Aboyne.

Immediately After Store Cattle (approx 2.00pm)
Sale of  100 Adult Head of
Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Entries inc: In Calf Heifers/Cows - 17 SimX Pd’d in calf to Lim Bull, r/w bull from 1st May, Craigwillie; 15 SimX in calf to Sim Bull, Barns; 12 SimX Pd’d in calf to Cha/Sim/BRB Bulls, Upper Forgie; 8 SimX Pd’d in calf to Lim Bull due Feb/March, Mains Tillymorgan; 8 SimX Pd’d in calf to Cha Bull, due Jan to April, Overhouse; Bulls - 3 Sim 21/2-3yrs, AA 21/2yrs, Lim.

10.30am  :  Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 1,800 Store Lambs, 750 Island Consigned Lambs and Ewes, 60 Breeding Ewes, 30 Breeding  Rams, 950 Feeding Ewes

11.30 am  :  Sale of Fodder  :  Concourse  :
Inc :  Straw, Silage, Acres Stubble Turnips and Forage Rape