Rare and Minority Breed Sale


Saturday 1st September
Sale of Rare and Minority Breeds
(Including Show and Sale of Jacob and Ryeland Sheep)


Entries Include: 21 Cattle - Dexter and Highland, 20 Pigs - Kunekune, Old Berkshire and Saddleback, 500 Sheep - Dorset, Herdwick, Jacob, Kerryhill, Ryeland, Shetland, Soay, Wensleydale and Zwartble, 15 Goats - Golden Guernsey cross and Sannan, 500 Cages of Poultry and Waterfowl, 20 Lots of Hatching Eggs also Poultry Equipment, Sale of Horses, Ponies and Tack, Implements and Hand Tools from a Bygone Era.

Sale Arrangements
9.00am:  Show of Jacob and Ryeland Sheep
10.00am: Sale Ring No 3 :  Sale of Horses and Ponies, immediately followed by Rare and Minority Breeds : in sale order Cattle,  Pigs, Sheep and Goats
10.00am: Exchange Hall :   in sale order Turkeys, Large Fowl, Bantams, Pheasants, Pigeons, Quail, Guinea Fowl, Pea Fowl, Geese and Ducks
10.30am: Ring 1 :  Hatching Eggs
11.00am: Sale Ring No 2 :  Harness and Tack
12.00 noon: Concourse :   Hand Tools of a Bygone Era followed by Poultry Equipment