Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Friday 8th June 2018
Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Present Entries: Heifers/Cows with Calves at Foot – 22 Sim cr with Lim calves, B/R with Lim bull since 3rdMay, South Blachrie; 20 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves, free of the bull, Mains Drumdollo. In Calf Heifers – 27 RW Sim cr, scanned in calf to Lim bull, ran with bull from 20/10/17 for 9 weeks, Backhill Seggat. Bulls – BBx  Saler 7yrs.

Smallburn Herd Spring Calving Reduction

15 Simx BB and BBx Sim hfrs with Sho & AA calves.
35 Simx BB, BB & Sim, Shetx young cows with Cha, sim & BB calves, been running with Cha & sim Bull since 20/05/18.
BVD & Lepto Vaccinated, received booster Spring 2018.
All calves Ear Notched BVD Virus Free and Vaccinated with Rispoval & Viscoxen.
3yr Cha Bull, 6yr Sim Bull, 3yr BRB Bull, 21/2yr Simx Sho Bull (Home Bred)

Part Dispersal Wester Bleaton / Solizarie herd

40 Simmental and Shorthorn cross cows with Char & Sim x calves at foot.
Cows are bvd vaccinated and are 2nd to 5th calves

Entries close Wednesday at 12noon.