Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Friday 11th May 2018
Sale of 165 Adult Head of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle
Ring No 1


Inc:  Heifers with calves at foot - 80 Sim/Sim cr  inc a few Saler/Lim cr with Lim calves Towiemore,  30 Sim/Lim cr with Lim cr, Free of Bull Wester Bleaton, 8 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves, West Cruichie, 6 Sim cr with Lim calves Ardhuncart.
Cows with calves at foot - 6 Sim/Lim cr with Lim calves Meikle Coull. Bulls - Cha 4yrs, Sim Ped 28mths (Toucks Gambler), Sal 2yr.