Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Wednesday 7th February
10.30 am Special Sale of 165 Adult Head
of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Entries inc and in Sale Order:  Heifers and Cows with Calves at foot - 20 cr Cows with Nov/Dec born Cha Calves, been running with Cha Bull since calving, Hawkhill Auchenblae, 8 Sim cr Cows with autumn born Cha cr Calves, been with Cha Bull since 30th October, Whitehouse Lumphanan; 
 In calf Heifers and Cows -  41 Sim/Sal cr Heifers Pd’d in calf to Lim/Her Bulls, due mid March onwards, Bulls went in from 27th May for 14 weeks, Lower Cushieston, 40 Sim cr Cows and 15 Heifers in calf to Sim Bull, due April/May, Cairntack, 25 Sim/Lim cr Cows scanned in calf to Lim Bulls due March, ran with Bull from 26th May, Earlsfield, 22 Lim/Sho cr Cows, Pd’d in calf to Sho/Lim/Her Bulls, due late March onwards, Berriedale Farms, 20 Sim cr Heifers, Pd’d to Sho Bull, calving mid March onwards, New Alves Farms.
Bulls - 2 Sim 3 & 4yrs, Lim 5yrs, Cha 5yrs, 2 AA  2yrs (member of PCHS and are risk level 1 for Johnes).