Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 16th March 2018
Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep

Sale Ring No 1
Sale of 10 Young Bulls and 400 Store Cattle


Entries inc: 30S Skeibhill, 30 Ex Orkney (20 Odinstone, Lenahowe, Nistaben), 25 Mains of Dellavaird, Ranna, 20S Balnahard, Mains of Drumwhindle,  20 Corse Kinnoir, Gaval, Stonyford.

Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 1,250 Store Cattle


Entries inc: 60 North Bethelnie, 55 Pittenkerrie, 50 Ex Orkney (26 Redland Stromness), 50 Heads of Auchenderran, 40 Comisty, Finzean Estate, Mid Fleenas, Rogiehill, Sauchentree,  35 Kinaldie, Milton of Culloden, South Byebush, Waulkmill,  32 Castle Grant, 30 Fichlie, Northfield Gamrie, 25 Achnahatnich, Broadwater, Govals Kincaldrum, Guise, Leys Estate, Mains of Lurg, Monymusk Land Co, Shank, Suttie,  20 Achnahannet (AA), Allancreich, Bankhead, Buchaam, Croftbain, Dalrachie, Deanshillock, Denmill, Lower Cairnglass, Mill of Saphock, Rorandle, The Orchard, Strocherie, Whiteside Lonmay.

Sale Ring No 3
Sale of 10 Ewes and Lambs at Foot, 400 Grit Gimmers and Ewes, 850 Store Lambs and 1,000 Feeding Ewes & Rams

Comprising and in sale order: Ewes with lambs at foot, Grit Gimmers/Ewes - 2 Pure BFL Gmrs due 4th April onwards, Anderson Farming Georgetwon, 170 Texx Ewes due mid April to Tex Ram, 13 Taylor Drive, 80 Texx reg ages, due 1st April, Bankhead Durris, 25 Texx Ewes 2-4yrs, Evergreen, 94 Mule various ages, to Tex Ram and 16 BF bm to BFL Ram all due from 1st April, Meiklebogs, 10 BF 2yrs and 3 BF bm all due April onwards to Tex Ram, Ashgrove, 6 Ewes 3-4 crop due 15th April to Lleyn ram, Clacknashields, 25 Zwa Ewes various ages, due middle April to Tex Ram, Callian Ltd; Orphan Lambs as forward, Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes and Rams.