Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle and Store and Feeding Sheep


Friday 16th February 2018
10.00am Sale Ring No 2
Sale of 5 Young Bulls and 1,050 Store Cattle

Comprising 300 Over 400Kgs and  850 Under 400Kgs 

Over 400Kgs : 65 Ex Orkney (23 Diamonds, 20 Langskaill Rousay), 40S Stoneyhill,  35H Shaggart, 25 Coxton, 20S Lower Cushieston,  20 Knowehead Kildrummy, Pittenkerrie, Stonyford and Upper Bodachra;  Under 400Kgs : 145 Darley, 80 Wellheads, 70 Little Tulloch, 50 Darnford, 40 Pittenkerrie and Upper Tillenhilt, 35 Ex Orkney (24 Sebay and Braebuster inc Lim/BB cr heifers suitable for breeding), 30 Dallasbroughty and Rivefold, 28 Glenlogie, 25 Campdalmore, 23 Nether Coullie, 21S Comisty, 20H Little Haddo, 20 Boginduie, Burnside of Sittinghillock, Cairntack, Northwells and Wartle.

10.30am  Sale Ring 3
Sale of 12 Ewes with Lambs at Foot, 30 Grit Ewes, 1400 Store Lambs, 750 Feeding Ewes and Rams


Comprising and in sale order - Ewes with lambs - 12 Suf Auchmaddies;  Grit Ewes - 4 Pure BFL in lamb to BFL, due late March/April Gunn Cottage; Store Lambs -  160 Mains of Tulloch, followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams.


Sale of Fodder
11.30am Concourse