Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Tuesday 7th November
Special Sale of 100 Adult Head 
Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Entries Include: Dispersal Sale - 20 Pure Sim Hfrs/Cows with Feb/July born Sim calves at foot. B/R with bull since calving; 12 Pure Sim Hfrs Pd’d in calf to Sim Bull (Islavale Brilliant); 10 Pure Sim Bulling Hfrs; Adult Stock by (Woodhall Walsh), Wanford Banff; 14 AA cr Cows Pd’d in calf to AA Reg Bull (Tonley Pirate) due Dec New Keig; Heifers/Cows with Calves at foot - 35 Sim/AA cr Cows Reg Ages with Aug/Sept born Cha cr calves at foot, free of Bull Wester Campfield Glassel;
Bulls - Ped Cha Bull 2yrs