Show and Sale of Aberdeen Angus Cattle Show and Sale of Shorthorn and other Native Breeds etc.


Tuesday 19th September
                             Show and Sale of 700 Aberdeen Angus and Aberdeen Angus Cross Store Cattle,
Weaned and Suckled Calves
Sponsored by Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society
And Sale of 100 Shorthorn and Native Breed Cattle
Show  :  8.30am  :  Sale  10.00am  :

Present entries inc . Aberdeen Angus - 200 Ex Orkney ( 40 Tifter Westray, 20H Garbo Sanday, 20 Howan, Netherton, Nistahouse. Yarpha , How, Fersness, Quoys and Millhouse), 50 Cadbollmount and Pittenkerrie, 35 S Baladie, 25S Midtown Haddo, 21 Wester Achvochkie, 20 S Kirkside, 20 Burnside Pitcaple, Wester Arr ;  Native Breeds - 60 ExOrkney (24 Suquoy and Redland, 14 Lu cr Heatherhouse)