Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


Wednesday 13th September
Special Sale of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Present entries inc : -20 Sim cr Cows with spring born AA cr calves, scanned in calf to AA Bull, Bull went in 18th May to 31st July, Mains Pitlurg, 15 Sim cr Cows with spring born Sim/Lim calves, been running with Sim/Lim Bull since 5th May, Drumgrain, 8 Sim cr Cows with Sim/Sho calves, free of Bull, Easter Cardno;  Final Dispersal of the ‘Hindstones Herd’ from Messrs W J Whyte, - 4 Ped Cha Cows with calves at foot,  1 Ped Cha Cow, 2 Cha cr Cows with calves at foot, 1 Sim cr Cow with calf at foot, 1 Cha cr cow with calf at foot, all have been running with Lim Bull, all scanned in calf on 7th Sept, 1 Ped Cha Bull 2yrs, 1 Lim Bull 8yrs; Bulls - AA 4yrs, Sim 5yrs