Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Weaned Calves, Store Lambs, Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, Breeding Rams etc.


Tomorrow Friday 10.00am:  Sale Ring 1:
Sale of 25 Organic Store Cattle, 5 Young Calves,
5 Young Bulls, 770 Store Cattle

Store Cattle:  60 Ex Orkney (25 Organics New Holland), 60 Cairntack, 50 Balmadies, 40 to include Salx Hfrs Oswie, 42S Shox Midtown Haddo, 35 AAx Charleston, 30S Drumwhindle Mains, 30 Corsehill, Windsoer Enzie, 26 Auchterblair, 25 Auchorrie,  25  to include Simx heifers suitable for breeding Sauchenbush, 20S Meikle Bogs and Westerton of New Rayne,  20 AAx The Score,  20H Sal/Simx suitable for breeding West Bradieston.

10.30am:  Sale Ring 2:
Sale of 1,600 Store Lambs, 1,000 Island Consigned Lambs and Ewes
145 Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, 40 Breeding Rams, 800 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Entries inc : Store Lambs : 400 Strath Watten, 320 Dunmaglass Est.