Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Weaned Calves, Store Lambs, Breeding Gimmers and Ewes, Breeding Rams etc.


Friday 1st September
10.00am  :  Sale Ring No 1  :
Weekly Sales of  Store Cattle, 19 Young
and Weaned Calves and 1 Young Bull
Comprising 130 Over 400kgs and 190 Under 400kgs
Inc :  80 Pittenkerrie, 50 Ex Orkney (26 Hindatoon, 20 Halcro), 30H Stonefolds, 25 Marchmar, 20 Mill Whitehill and South Keithney

Show and Sale
Of  400 “Top” Mule Ewe Lambs
Show 10.00am  :  Sale  10.30am
Sponsored by GWT Plant Hire Ltd, Rickarton
Sale of 300 Other Ewe Lambs, 2500 Store Lambs, 2700 Shetland Consigned Lambs and Ewes, 200 Breeding Sheep and 700 Feeding Ewes and Rams

Comprising and sale order : Ewe Lambs - Mule : Clyne, Drumgesk, Harestone, Mains Glenbuchat, Mains Skeith, Newton Hassiewells, North Rettanch and Peterhead.
Other Ewe Lambs - Chv/Mule - Harestone and Tillyminate
Store Lambs - 400 Meikle Haddo, 360 Charleston, 300 West Park200 Meilke Cantlay and Shearerston
Shetland Consigned Lambs - 2000 Ex Unst (inc 300 Buddabrake, 200 Millfield and Skaw, 150 Ungersta, 100 Vendeshoull, Parkview and North Booth, Breeding Ewes and Rams followed by Feeding Ewes and Rams