Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle


12.00 noon  or immediately after Store Cattle
Ring No 2  :  Special Sale of 95 Adult Head
Of Commercial Beef Breeding Cattle

Comprising : Cows with calves at foot - 20 Lim/Sth Dev with Lim calves, scanned 2-4mth to Cha bull, 9 cr cows with Cha calves, been running with Cha bull since calving, Cairntack;  6 cr cows with Cha/sim calves, free of bull Cranloch;  Dispersal - 20 cr cows with Jan onwards Lim/AA calves, scanned in calf to Lim/AA bulls,  been running with bulls since calving, 5 cr cows with Jun/July born Lim/AA calves, free of bull, and 9 cr cows in calf to Lim/AA bulls, scanned 4-6mths Dubford;
Bulls - AA 8yrs, 2 x Cha 2–5yrs, Lim 2yrs, 2 x Sim 19mths-5yrs